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Professional producer exploring the world with different cultures early in life made me want to do things I will remember, In my own way. Something that challenges me and that puts me way out of my comfort zone was what I was looking for, that's how I found wingsuit flying. As a thrill-seeker, which becomes uncomfortable while being comfortable I seek my motivation in things that goes against me. However crazy the task or vision might look from the outside I know there is always a way of working around the impossible. During my first years of wingsuiting, I realized the lack of will to pull the sport and our lives in a new direction, so I decided to take It In my own hands. Showing the world what wingsuiting is and keep on developing a mindset you can apply in everyday life inspired me to evolve others and myself. Behind the screen, the sport and what I do might look like insanity. But I want you to understand how much more that goes into this and show you how to create the best version of yourself and push your own limits and expand your goals into something bigger. No matter how high these goals are, you will get there. Are you ready to face it?