Exclusive Progression Courses

For you that wants something more than a BASE/wingsuit course. There is more to learn of a lifetime, that's why I created those exclusive courses for someone want that extra, unique and bulletproof progression with the mindset you need to keep on jumping for a lifetime. With 2300+ jumps and living 3 years in Switzerland jumping every day I will give you the experience of your life.

 *Selection only, apply below.

Anton "Squeezer" Andersson 

2300 jumps up to date, certified skydiving instructor, national champion in wingsuiting and living in Switzerland the last 3 years has given me a wide understanding of what It takes to become a BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot. As I made a quick progression with high success getting into wingsuit BASE I have a proven concept that keeps you alive and passionate. Pushing the boundaries of the sport made me want to share my knowledge with more people and share the amazing sport with others.

Course Requirements

To do any of my courses I require a minimum of 200 skydives. The skydiving experience is crucial for your safety in the BASE environment. As BASE jumping already is extremely dangerous it's wise to do the proper progression before your first jumps. You will enjoy it more once you are on the edge. I promise you. The big steps to become a BASE jumper is written below. If you have any questions or think you think you have what It takes to do your first BASE jumps don't hesitate to email or call me. 

FJC - Basic

Introductions to the world of BASE jumping for low freefalls.

*4 days


FJC - TERminal

Give you the skills you need to jump the biggest vertical walls in the world. Basic course required to attend.



FJC - Package

BASIC + TERMINAL courses combined for a discounted price

*13 days


Private group

Exclusive course for you to learn 1on1 with Anton or in a group of friends. Maximum 4 persons.

*4 - 20 days

Contact for pricing

FJC Squeezer

Duration: 4 days

Location: France/Croatia


Packing and theory

Brief and debrief

Pilot chute assist

Hand held


Unpacked jumps

Canopy skills

Object avoidance

5 - 25 jumps


Drone footage

Risk management

Safety procedures

Personal progression plan

Course dates 2021:

1: 31st May - 3rd June

2: 14th June - 18th June

3: 5th July -  8th July 

Want another date? Contact me below

Deposit of 500€ required to confirm booking


Duration: 9 days

Location: Switzerland and Italy


Packing and theory

Brief and debrief

Sub terminal/terminal tracking

Exit techniques

Mountain weather evaluation

Exit evaluation

Multiple different exits

Jump from the Eiger


Drone footage

Flight data evaluation

Helicopter drop

Personal progression plan

Course dates 2021:

4th June - 12 June

19th June - 27th June

9th July - 17th July

Want another date? Contact me below

Deposit of 500€ required to confirm booking

Private courses

Private lessons 1on1 or in group is for you that want something customized for your goals and needs. If you want to do a certain jump, get into wingsuiting or get better at wingsuit starts/terrain flying then this is for you. Explain what you want to do or learn and I will make a program. Only for you. I offer many varieties of coaching on different locations and are open to find a solution that fits us both.

The Steps to become a wingsuit BASE jumper

AFF course

1: -> Learn to skydive on your local skydiving club: 1500€ - 2500€ (Skydive course) 

200 skydives

2: ->Minimum 200 skydives. Focused on tracking and canopy piloting.

->Get a beginner tracking suit.

3000€ - 5000€  (200 jumps)

500€ trackingsuit

BASE course

3: ->Learn to BASE jump with Anton -> Fine tune tracking skills

->Train hard

-> A lot of wingsuit skydives

Wingsuit BASE

4:-> After the course you need minimum 50 - 100 BASE jumps before you can start wingsuit BASE. I offer those courses as well. 1:2 student ratio.