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I want to make a commercial or movie about wingsuiting, what is the price?

You get what you pay for. We offer the most attractive and groundbreaking projects of any type of aerial productions and moviemaking. The prices are thereafter adjusted so that the goals can be met. Standard is 250.000 per jump but productions cost 10+ million.

How do you land? 

With the help of a parachute that is on the back of the pilot. When you jumping out of an airplane a different type of parachute is used. The modern wingsuit parachutes are a lot safer and jumping with the revolutionary gear allows the wingsuit pilot to deploy to less than 100m. Note that only highly trained professionals can do those flights with special gear, special training, and athletic/professional backgrounds.

What is the max speed of a wingsuit?

The speed is never constant in a wingsuit. Various factors such as angle, wingsuit, pilot, air temperature and winds have a huge and many more factors that have an impact on the actual speed of the wingsuit. It's rare that a wingsuit can fly anything slower than the current terminal velocity.

What is a wingsuit?

Wingsuit is the definition of a one-piece wing that is stretched of a human being between arms and legs. The wing has air intakes that create a rigid wing when worn and the pilot can maneuver with very accurate precision. Sometimes up to 0.5m through caves, mountains, and trees.

Can a wingsuit fly up?

Yes, It takes a lot of height and length to do well though. The more speed, the higher you can go. The technique can be learned using GPS and pro wingsuit coaching.

I have a person that can do this for free he says.

Go on, remember I told you not to. I probably know him so send me an email. He might be legit.

I want to fly close to things!

Me too! That's the best I know.

What wingsuit is the best? 
Where can you buy the gear? 

Online and in person. 

How did you learn?

Exclusive progression learning is probably some of the fastest from "zero to hero" in wingsuit history. Thanks to my athletic background since I was 4 years and paying extremely high attention to my surroundings I found many key points that made me progress a lot faster than normal. I combined my life around wingsuit flying and caught myself in many situations and even what I eat and the people I was with was playing a massive role in my performance. I started jumping in summer 2015 and moved to the mountains that same year. 

Is it dangerous?

That's a question that has to be defined by the person or individual itself.

I cant afford it!

The one you have flown the most! 

Can you share tips and tricks?

Yes, when you have booked a course or telling me why you would like tips and tricks.

Where is the best place to jump?

I cannot answer that question.

I skydive and now I want to BASE jump, what do I do?

Send me an email with your experience and background and I will suggest your best approach, add a phone number as I might call. I do not recommend you learn from someone at the dropzone and definitely don't mention you want to BASE jump or wingsuit. If you want to learn I know specially trained instructors that can take you through the first steps optimally to reach your goals.

Can we work together?

Send me a suggestion and I will review it. No can sometimes be a yes.

Are wingsuit pilot's scared?

You have to ask them! I'm always a bit scared the seconds before I jump off the edge. I use the pre-jump techniques and skills to find the right mental state of mind before jumping off the edge.

I want to wingsuit, how do I start?

Wingsuit is a very broad subject. Anyone can just fly a wingsuit. You can see the statistics of the sport, this is due to a lack of knowledge and vocational sportspeople. To do this sport safely It's a similar dedication to be a mountain guide just for the flying. The steps can be broken down for easier teaching in my program. To mention: I do not support any BASE jumping or wingsuiting course that is out there due to what I have seen during my time traveling the world. None of this available training should be considered unless you are a professional in a field from earlier experience.

We want to do wingsuit marketing but dont know what!

Email me this sentence and I will send you a presentation of ongoing productions and potential investments and marketing campaigns. Introduce your company and mention the budget and I will be back to you quickly to secure a good deal. 2019 - 2020 will be the year to step in for large scale companies.

Why did you loose in WWL 2019?

Long story short. I did not lose.

What is the minimum age?

Still considering.

My instructor say I should learn of another instructor

That's great for your instructor!

Why do you fly close to the ground?

Because It's the absolutley best part of the sport. 

Are you scared of death?


Who do you work for?


Do you do other sports? 

Yes, I was grown up with sports and since I was 4 years old I have competed and trained different types of sports on a daily basis. It was not until I found out that solo sports were what made me more motivated and less dependent of others for becoming a better athlete.

Look over the possibilities to change your current life situation. There is a solution for every person that really wants to do this.

How do you manage your life?

How can you manage your life?

How do you handle fear?
Is wingsuit flying a challenging sport?

From my life doing sports and reading a lot of books about relevant and irrelevant facts I can say with assurance that wingsuit flying is the most technical and least forgiving sport out there. It is a sport that has an extremely high potential for the future. 

Through careful decision making.

Why would you do something dangerous?

Some are risk-takers. I refer back to the book: Sapiens. Back in time, some people were hunters and other farmers. I think wingsuit flyers are the type that was hunters and out adventuring. This is also referring back to all other sports, traveling and other activities. Society today is shaped in a way that makes this subject very complicated. There are lots to learn here from wingsuit flying and therefor an interesting subject.

Why do many people die base jumping?

Because of poor judgment and bad instructors and self-interests of certain instructors. Professional athletes are generally decreasing in performance around age 32. Wingsuit flying is one of the very few sports that can be practiced a lifetime If managed and treated with respect and self-distance.

You say the sport is moving forward and are growing, is this true?

Yes, thanks to technology and recent pioneers. GPS equipment allows us to analyze the flight graph of each flight and have constant feedback with the help of headphones we can now be more precise than ever. We are just like a cockpit in an airplane but everything is done manually with our bodies.

What is the difference between wingsuit and BASE jumping?

You cannot compare them. It’s like comparing running with bicycling. BASE jumping is just one of the steps into wingsuit flying but a very important step for staying alive later on in wingsuit flying. 

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